Hanna Barbera’s Scooby-Doo & The Ghoul School Part 1 (HQ)

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0 Hanna Barberas Scooby Doo & The Ghoul School Part 1 (HQ)Scooby-Doo & The Ghoul School Part 1 (HQ)

This is where Shaggy,Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo meet the Girls of the Most Scariest Monsters in the World at Miss Grimwoods School For Ghouls The Dauters of The Worlds most Frightful & Famous Monsters.

Characters,Shaggy,Scooby-Doo,Scrappy-DooSibella,Winnie The Werewolf,Tanis The Mummy,Elsa Frankinteen,Phansasma The Phantom,Dracula,The Legendary Beast Werewolf,The Mummy,Frankinstein,The Phantom,Miss Grimwood,The Grim Creeper,The Well Dweller,The Mirror Monster And Revolta. Plus the New Students at the End which i think are Boys.

Duration : 0:11:0

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  1. ambermckenzie16 Said,

    @Truebie777 im 15 …
    @Truebie777 im 15 an i remember watching this now they have monster high an my 9 yr old sis thinks its so ”cool” she thinks scoobys ”lame” man i want the late 90′s early 00′s back

  2. amira1100 Said,

    i got this movie at …
    i got this movie at home and my bro and sis love it ! LOL

  3. Charlesperalo Said,

    @Anomalypwnsu Tell …
    @Anomalypwnsu Tell me what you liked about Scooby Doo in these particular films. Was it the youth vibe? I’m planning on going into film so I’m curious.

  4. CuteLittleAsian123 Said,

    I love this movie …
    I love this movie and my brother thanks that silbell is pretty!

  5. Anomalypwnsu Said,

    I remember this, …
    I remember this, Zombie Island, and the Boo Brothers were my favorite three Scooby Doo movies when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I never got to see this one or Zombie Island very much. Thank you so much for posting!

  6. Zeolahn Said,

    Little Steve …
    Little Steve thought Sibella was super hot when he was a kid. Adult Steve thinks she should be of age by now, surely.

  7. EdtheHedgehog Said,

    I remember watchin …
    I remember watchin this when i was like 4 good times

  8. VampireTrickz Said,

    I love Sibella
    I love Sibella

  9. powerofyouth101 Said,

    @LyddieTheJester …
    @LyddieTheJester same here

  10. Truebie777 Said,

    Before Monster High …
    Before Monster High there was Miss Grimwood’s Finishing School for Girls.

  11. trumbachd1 Said,

    @arthas19911 Yeah!

    @arthas19911 Yeah!
    I never understood why so many people dislike Scrappy.

  12. shykillc Said,

    mystery …
    mystery incorporated is madd gay no ones which that

  13. arthas19911 Said,

    @VampireRuki I love …
    @VampireRuki I love Scrappy! He is very cute!

  14. piggiluver1 Said,

    <3i …
    <3i looooooooooooooooove this episode soooooooooo much tytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty (thank you)<3

  15. LyddieTheJester Said,

    This was my …
    This was my favourite Scooby Doo film as a child. Next to the Zombie Island one (which always scared me)

  16. FlippyKrueger Said,

    Sibella… she is …
    Sibella… she is my baby girl <333

  17. VampireRuki Said,

    @zenenlead thats …
    @zenenlead thats not little scooby. that scrappy doo who is scooby doo nephew but i agree he is a annoying little fucker

  18. Laurardz02 Said,

    why the dont …
    why the dont yall make more episodes damit

  19. KennethMoreland Said,


    Scrappy …

    Scrappy stole your girlfriend. He’s that good.

  20. gurlzrool Said,

    classic old skool…
    classic old skool…

  21. Bthakilla4rilla Said,

    The 26 people that …
    The 26 people that dislikes this watched Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island before watching this. That’s not a bad thing though.

  22. Bthakilla4rilla Said,

    where’s the other …
    where’s the other scooby doo movies because this one sucks

  23. Shreddex101 Said,

    what year was this? …
    what year was this? anyone know? I know zombie island came out in 98, was this before or after?

  24. hellen2k7 Said,

    i have been looking …
    i have been looking for this for such a long time i love all of the scooby doo movies

  25. zenenlead Said,


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